Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What I Read This Week- 10/17/2017

We've been getting a ton of new picture books in at work lately. Here's a few of my favorites from this week:

LMNO Pea-quel by Keith Baker
Just as funny as Baker's other books. I like that the letters in this one are lower case, so it adds a level of interest for kids who already know the alphabet (as well as still being fun for kids still learning).

South by Daniel Duncan
This book has fantastic illustrations, as well as a heart-warming story. Ocean lovers, animal lovers, and detail lovers will all enjoy this one.

Duck & Goose: Honk! Quack! Boo! by Tad Hills
Duck & Goose are always a fun choice and this a spooky-but-not-too-spooky story perfect for more sensitive readers.

Doris the Bookasaurus by Diana Murray
I love this story about the joy of reading and imagination. It would be a great addition to a bedtime routine or storytime about books.

Pickwick's Picnic by Carol Brendler
I'm always on the lookout for a counting book for older kids that's a little more involved, and this one is perfect. Detailed drawings make it even more fun to investigate.

No Kimchi for Me! by Aram Kim
A really fun twist on a picky eater story. I'd love to read this at a storytime and then bring in some kimchi for kids to try.

Super Manny Stands Up by Kelly DiPucchio
A fantastically sweet story about standing up for yourself and friends. It gave me the same wonderful feeling as Hannah Harrison's My Friend Maggie.

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