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Flannel Friday: Ladybug Guessing Game

The kids at my storytimes go so bananas for the Little Mouse guessing game, when I saw Jbrary's ladybug version I knew I had to make my own version. (Their's can be found at

Depending on the group's ages, I might start out by going over the colors. Then I ask what color rug they think the ladybug is under.

If they said yellow, all together we would say "Ladybug, ladybug, are you under the yellow rug?"
"Nope! Not under the yellow rug. What color should we try next? Pink? Ok, all together- ladybug, ladybug, are under the pink rug?"

"There you are! The ladybug was under the pink rug the whole time!"
I really liked this idea because the Little Mouse guessing game was already very popular with my group and this version was no different! Sometimes I bring out Little Mouse twice in the same storytime so it's nice having an alternative. I've found that it's a good way to refocus an antsy group--plus it was very quick to make. 


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Flannel Friday- 5 Little Flowers

I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself! My Monday morning 3 year old group is very small, but LOVES songs with finger puppets. We've already done 5 Little Fishes and 5 Little Monkeys, but I couldn't find any other examples anybody had done. I knew I wanted a spring-themed set, so I made my own 5 Little Flowers! And, if anybody remembers my crocodile from 5 Little Monkeys, I think you'll agree that my puppet making skills have improved:

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