Friday, August 25, 2017

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Welcome to the Neighborhood was a very fun Daniel Tiger-themed program. We started with a short story and then families were free to visit a variety of stations.

We knew this would be a popular program so we split it between our two storytime rooms. Patrons who registered were welcome to visit both rooms while patrons who did not could still play the games which did not require materials.

A fun "goody bag" found here with a copy of the puzzle game from one of the stations

Making a watch craft

Trolly photobooth opportunity

Mix and match game found here

O's Reading Corner with plenty of Daniel Tiger books to read at the program or take home

I made this game by printing large images of each character, cutting them out, then using them as stencils to cut out the same image from black construction paper. I also put velcro dots on each character so the game could be played on the side of a cabinet.

Semi-recycled from a pokemon-themed tossing game, but kids still had fun

This program was a ton of fun. We're fortunate enough to have an outdoor space just outside our storytime rooms and it's great for being able to spread out during nice weather. Ugga mugga!

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